Realization date 2016
Location Warsaw

Challenge: Jankes is a manufacturer of elegant suits for small gentlemen. Our customer, at the time he contacted us, had one boutique in the trade pavilion, and his products were sold mainly through partner stores. Our task was to design a new concept and support the brand in the planned expansion in the shopping mall.

Applied solutions: The idea of ​​the interior designed by us was to move away from typical children’s shops with motifs and colors and a neat combination of children’s and adult aesthetics. Our concept is elegant, which attracts the eyes of parents, but thanks to elements such as furniture imitating wooden blocks, further attractive for the youngest customers. The shelves can be freely transformed to fit the exposed product. The floor is covered with tiles, imitating the fabric, which gives the interior of the coziness. The subtle, natural hues set the product on the forefront.

Effects of cooperation: Our clients’ salons have acquired a style that allowed them to exist in large shopping malls throughout Poland. The concept has received positive feedback from the interior industry and customers. The company is currently one of the more recognizable manufacturers of children’s clothing.