Maurizio Benttoni

Realization date 2016, 2017
Location Gdynia, Poznań, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz

Maurizio Benttoni is an example of a brand that we have supported from the beginning in the process of entering the market. Our client previously ran a BHP clothing store, and his new fashion brand with exclusive men’s clothing had its debut yet to come. Our task was to help evaluate the location, create a brand image and create a unique interior that stands out in the face of strong competition.

We have offered a classic, friendly interior, with large, comfortable fitting rooms. Beige – yellow walls, resembling classic trenches and wooden furniture give the interior warmth. This sleek, stylish concept has the background for a very unique brand collection. The concept is very fresh, clear, which distinguishes it from most stores with similar assortment on our market.

Effects of cooperation:
Maurizzio Benttoni has become a recognizable brand, associated with style and elegance in the modern edition