Realization date 2014
Location Lublin

Challenge: Since 2011, Recman has been the Official Sponsor of the Polish Men’s Tennis Team. It is this area of ​​activity that became our starting point in designing a new concept shop. The brand’s new vision was to emphasize its individual character, its tradition and its reputation as a symbol of elegance and masculine style. The challenge was to design a unique interior with a pre-set budget.

Applied solutions: In the design elements of the salon, there are motifs such as netting, benches for product display and Recman logo plates, referring to the sports dressing room – this choice is a nod to the brand image. The living room is divided into two exhibition zones – classic and casual. In the first of them we proposed an elegant graphite laminate of the wall furniture, with a similar counter created. In turn, the furniture in the area of ​​the casual collection consists of steel profiles, grids and hangers painted in black. To differentiate the display surfaces, a combination of color and material is used, which is particularly evident in standalone furniture. The composition of the tables at the center of the shop was also appropriately distinguished – peanuts and graphite-white boxes. A direct reference to tennis, next to the decorative grid on the walls, is a ruddy brown floor corresponding to the surface of the courts.

Effects of cooperation: The new concept has met with a very warm welcome from the market and design professionals. The more exclusive look of the salons allowed to attract new customers. The image of the brand strengthened its prestige, resulting in a noticeable increase in sales.